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HPVT supports many patients to access convenient medical solution that helps them during their treatment.

The health care system is uncoordinated and fragmented and emphasizes intervention rather than prevention and comprehensive health management. Health care costs continue to increase at an unsustainable rate and quality is far from ideal. Given the rising costs of medical facilities today, most patients are left helpless, unable to afford the healthcare they need. While loans add additional burden and selling assets is often not possible or sufficient. All people, regardless of socioeconomic class and means, want high-quality healthcare and that they will often choose higher quality care even if it is more expensive and less accessible.

Under the World’s Health Organization’s definition of universal health coverage, all people and communities can use the primitive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health services they need, of sufficient quality to be effective, while also ensuring that the use of these services does not expose the user to financial hardship.

The three priorities of health care delivery – cost, quality, and access – need not be at odds with each other. Poor-quality care is wasteful, costly, and dangerous. Quality health services make health systems resilient. They are prepared for anything, can maintain core functions amongst changing situations. Improving quality requires a holistic approach. Countries that want to improve quality of care need to consider interventions across different domains : Ambulance Services, Free Medicines to Poor & Needy, Medicines on Subsidized rates (HPVT Pharmacy),OPD Facility, Free Trolley / Wheel Chair & other Services at Hospitals, Intersectoral collaboration with Hospitals, Medical / Screening Camps Building a practical strategy for quality is an important first step to agree on a clear set of goals, define suitable interventions and tools and align different stakeholders’ efforts to improve quality of care.  Help Poor Voluntary Trust [HPVT] a humanitarian organization has been working for providing help in the shape of life saving drugs/medicines to the needy deserving patients irrespective of creed, caste, religion or race since its establishment in 1998 through practical support of philanthropists and continuous hard work of the Executive Members/Volunteers and employees of the Trust.

The Trust has been working to the best of its capacity to reach out to persons in need. The efforts are no doubt a drop in the ocean of miseries of our society,-however the Trust has started its journey towards realizing the dream of bringing comfort to the destitute and needy patients to the best possible extent.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, HPVT strategically aligned to what the situation demanded ever since March, 2020 when the lock down came into force. HPVT supports many patients to access a convenient and risk-free solution that helps them during their treatment.  We’re dedicated to serving the most vulnerable people in society who have been afflicted by poverty and have nowhere to turn. We strive to provide medical care to help save the lives of those who simply do not have the money they require to stay healthy.

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