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HPVT supports many patients to access convenient medical solution that helps them during their treatment.


Many patients does not have regular access to essential medicines. Two stark realities are there,
one many people opt out of treatment because of financial constraints. Second, a sizeable population is driven to poverty every year because of ill-health. A drug distribution model pioneered by the HPVT through its Free Medicine/Financial Assistance for Surgery to Poor Patients could be a harbinger of change.

Providing Free Medicine/Financial Assistance for Surgery to Poor Patients

–       Approximately 1200 poor and deserving patients registered with HPVT suffering from various diseases like, CKD [Chronic Kidney Disease], Kidney Transplant, Lupus Nephritis, Seizure disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetics, Depression, Chronic Liver Disease, Paraplegia, Hepatitis-B/C, Cancer etc who are provided life saving drugs/medicine prescribed by registered medicos regularly on monthly / fortnightly basis.
–       Out of 1200 registered patients, 350 are suffering from life consuming disease –  Chronic Kidney Failure. 70 out of 350 are given support in doing Dialysis at various Dialysis centers of Valley and rest are given supportive medicines / Erythropoietin Injections / Dialyzers.
–       Patients of Emergency Nature mostly referral cases from various Hospitals Medicos / HOD’s / Medical Superintendent’s are provided medicine (after due verification/authentication as per latest prescription of Doctor / Consultants).
–       Financial assistance for major surgeries in respect of deserving cases is one of the paramount purposes to be fulfilled y the HPVT Society.
 –       Identification of poor and indigent patients by volunteers and Executive Members in various hospitals of the Srinagar City, whom free medicine are provided by the HPVT Society.


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