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HPVT supports many patients to access convenient medical solution that helps them during their treatment.

Medicines can account for up to 90 per cent of health care spending by poor people. High costs of medicines contribute to decreased access to healthcare. For many low-income people without access to health care, or for those who can’t maintain health care due to non-affordability of medicine, HPVT is working to change that with programs that lower financial barriers and is often the place they receive medicines at deeply subsidized rates.
HPVT pharmacy programs benefit the underprivileged by providing costly  drugs at an affordable cost.

Providing of Medicine at Subsidized Rates

Providing relief to the General Public to meet their life saving related medicine, the HPVT Society is presently running two (2) fair price medical outlets – one at its Head Office, Baran Pather, Haft Chinar, Srinagar and another at Darish Kadal, Chattabal, Srinagar where from the public is free to go in for purchase of prescribed medicines on affordable rates. Public has really hailed this people friendly endeavor initiated by the HPVT Society solely in the public interest


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