Free Trolleys/Wheel Chair - HPVT

HPVT supports many patients to access convenient medical solution that helps them during their treatment.

Hospitals try to provide many health care services to the people at an acceptable level of quality and being responsive and sensitive to the needs of people . The services include OPD, indoor and Emergency Service. There are number of hospitals which are not equipped with sufficient or skilled to provide wheelchairs with potentially needing wheelchairs, Trollies and other mobility Services.

Wheel Chair/Trolley Service/other Services at Hospitals

Keeping in view the pathetic condition of ailing patients who visit hospitals for treatment and consultations, HPVT provides FREE Trolley and Wheel Chair service for the comfort of these patients at almost all major hospitals of
Srinagar. The service is provided round the clock by the staff of HPVT to the incoming and outgoing patients in need. Moreover, the staffers provide guidance to the patients in respect of formalities to be completed and locations of wards etc.
In addition to this, HPVT employees posted at various hospitals do not even hesitate to provide petty things like Urine/Stool containers and consumable utensils to the patients who seek Doctors consultation at odd hours. Besides
free medicines are provided on spot to the deserving poor patients admitted/seeking treatment at hospitals.


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