Inter Sectoral Collaboration with Hospitals - HPVT

HPVT supports many patients to access convenient medical solution that helps them during their treatment.

Intersectoral collaboration frequently refers to the collective actions involving more than one specialized agency, performing different roles for a common purpose. HPVT as a non-profit organization has a distinction of engagement with hospitals in more integrative and enduring cross-sector partnerships. Our endeavor is to play a critical role in
providing a kind of community response, assistance and care services when required.
We have an encouraging experience from some programmes and projects that suggests intersectoral collaboration is feasible and useful.


1.    Donation of Electrolyte Analyzer to SMHS Hospital

It was noticed by the management of HPVT that Electrolyte estimation [potassium level in blood] one of the vital life saving test was not being performed at SMHS Hospital  due to non-availability of Electrolyte Analyzer. On the request of Principal GMC Srinagar, Medical Superintendent SMHS Hospital and HOD Bio Chemistry, HPVT purchased the equipment at a cost of Rs.2.17 lacs and provided the same to the Hospital on 26th July 2005.The installation of the equipment helped in saving many precious lives.

2.    Donation of Infant Radiant  Warmers to G.B.Pant Hospital.

    It was observed that due to insufficient number  of Infant Radiant Warmers at the G.B.Pant Hospital the mortality rate of newly born babies was high. On the request of the hospital authorities, the management of HPVT procured seven[7]– number of Infant Radiant Warmers with phototherapy facility  and provided the same to the hospital on 24-12-2011.This enabled the doctors to save the lives of many newly borne babies. Principal GMC Srinagar complemented HPVT for donating Infant Radiant Warmers with phototherapy facility to the children Hospital which would help hospital in providing much needed succor to the ailing infants and children.

3.    Provision of cotton and colostomy/holster bags to SKIMS  25-8-2010 /6-09-2010

    During 2010 turmoil, SKIMS Soura was running short of cotton and holster bags. The management of HPVT arranged the same from outside state and handed over the material to the SKIMS Soura  on 25-08-2010 & 06-09-2010 thus helping doctors to treat huge rush of people visiting the Institute for treatment of bullet injuries. This step on the part of HPVT was greatly appreciated by the SKIMS authorities   and general public.

4.    Donation four[4] Trolleys and three[3] Wheel Chairs to SKIMS Medical College Bemina

On the request of HOD Orthopedic Department four[4] Trolleysand three[3] Wheel Chairs were donated to of  SKIMS Medical College Bamina on 07-04-2012.This provided great relief to the Orthopedic and other critically ill patients visiting hospital for treatment.

5.    Donation of  Advanced Life Support equipment to SMHS Hospital

In a bid to improve healthcare facilities, HPVT donated a much needed Advanced Life Support[ALS] equipment for critically ailing to the SMHS Hospital on 21th May 2014.The state of art facility, a three- in- one single device containing in-built Ventilator, Defibrillator and Monitor was procured at a cost of Rs.11.50 lacs. The equipment was inaugurated by the Principal GMC Srinagar who stressed that the mission initiated by the HPVT was quite commendable and he fully endorsed the work which HPVT has started to meet the healthcare requirements of the needy and deserving patients.

6.    Donation of wheel chairs to C.D.Hospital

Superintendant C.D Hospital informed HPVT that the patients visiting hospital were facing hardships for want of wheel Chairs and at times the attendants had to carry the patients on their shoulders. The management of the HPVT was pleased to donate five[5] Wheel Chairs and two[2] tops of trolleys to the C.D Hospital Dalgate. This gesture on the part of HPVT was appreciated by the hospital authorities as the step has provided great relief to the patients.

7.    Donation of 3 units of Patient warmers [Bair Hugger] to SKIMS

     Help Poor Voluntary Trust dedicated Three (03) units of Patients Warmer (Bair Hugger) to SK Institute of Medical Science (SKIMS), Soura under “Intersectoral collaboration with Hospitals programme” on 29th December-2015 (Tuesday).

 Bair Hugger Therapy is the use of temperature management systems that use forced-air warming to prevent and treat hypothermia in patients during surgery. Low temperature (Hypothermia) during surgery almost always happens if operation lasts for more than 60-90 minutes and complicates any surgical procedure by interfering with blood coagulation system, delays recovery from anesthesia, and produces shivering which increases oxygen consumption. The patient at times needs to be shifted to Intensive care unit which can lead to increased infection rates, thus increased rate of death.

Thus, it is very important to prevent hypothermia during operation to decrease the complications and death rate. The hospital was in dire need of patient warmers at surgical units.

 The President of Help Poor Voluntary Trust Mr. Nisar Ahmad Kathjoo alongwith delegation of HPVT handed over this Equipment to Director SKIMS Dr. ShowkatAhmad Zargar in presence of other eminent professionals of SKIMS which included Dr. Ab.Qayoom Dar and Dr. Khalid Sofi.

 Director SKIMS welcomed this Initiative of Help Poor Voluntary Trust in extending help for general patients admitted at hospital and hoped this innovation will increase care of patients especially at surgical units of SKIMS.


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