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HPVT supports many patients to access convenient medical solution that helps them during their treatment.

APPEAL Poor patients suffer & die for want of treatment and medicine. A kidney failure patient needs 4 to 8 dialysis per month which costs Rs.7000/- to Rs. 20000/. This is a life long process unless the patient goes for kidney transplantation which involve arrangement for donor and expenditure of lacs of rupees on the operation. Likewise a cancer patient prescribed chemotherapy needs Rs. 24000/- to Rs.15,000,00/- for treatment. Similar is the case with treatment of other serious diseases. HPVT receives thousands of requests for medical assistance. The management is not in a position to provide assistance to all of them due to financial constrains. People from all walks of life are humbly urged to come forward and donate generously to facilitate realizing the dream of bringing comfort to the destitute and needy patients to the best possible extent. Your donation can help in survival of the ailing patients which is must for their families. The Trust purely banks on public donations and does not receive any financial assistance from government resources.


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