Covid Response
June 12, 2021
Day:- Thrusday
Covid Response and Facilitiesj
*Ambulance facilities*
Ambulance facilities provided to (07) patients and( 0) dead bodies
1. Discharged patient from SKIMS to Banihal Patient on oxygen support, ferried in critical care Ambulance.
2. Discharged Pt from SMHS to Banihal, pt. on oxygen support, carried in critical care Ambulance.
3. From B & J Hospitalpt to Ahmad Hospital for surgery.
4.Discharged patient from B & J Hospital to
5. Humhama to SMHS hospital.( returned)
6.Discharged patient from B &J Hospital to Bemina.
7.Discharged pt.from SMHS to Safa pora sumbal.
*Oxygen Facilities*
(2) Patients have been provided oxygen therapy support for domiciliary use۔
1. Discharged patient from SMHS to Lajora pulwama, provided oxygen concentrator for domiciliary use.
2. Recently discharged Pt from SKIMS to Ellahi bagh, provided oxygen concentrator for domiciliary use.
Besides that 2 Oxygen cylinders 1 bulk and 1 medium, were provided to patients in exchange of empty cylinders.
*Home care facilities*
Our Para medical/ Nursing team has gone to see 4 patients at their home.
1.Ellahi bagh
*Free medicine*
Free medicines provided to the tune of Rs 49306 to registered and emergency patients.
Two pharmacies are running successfully, where hundreds of patients are getting medicines on non profit basis.
*Intersectrol collaboration with govt hospitals.*
25 MPHW or multipurpose health workers are available in hospitals to assist patients and guiding attendants.
Help Poor Voluntary Trust