Covid-19 Activities - HPVT

When the world’s largest and strictest COVID-19 lockdown began on March 24, 2020, our most vulnerable citizens were suddenly cut off from both their livelihoods and healthcare. At the same time, we have also been struggling with the pandemic’s effects on our own capacities and sustainability. Almost immediately, HPVT mobilized to provide healthcare, information and transportation to affected populations. 

Activities EXCLUSIVELY during COVID-19

  1. Free Medicines to the tune of Rs:- 75.00 Lacs provided to the patients falling under BPL Category with proper verification (from March-20 to June-20).
  2. FREE 1000 Face shields provided to different Hospitals of Valley and SDH’s.
  3. FREE 2000 PPE Kits
  4. FREE 5000 Sanitizers and Gloves
  5. FREE 30,000 N95 / K95 and Surgical Masks
  6. Not least but handsome number of 300 patients suffering from COVID or some other ailments were ferried from Hospitals to their abode or vice versa.
  7. Fifty (50) Oxygen Concentrators placed at services for patients suffering from Respiratory ailments especially COVID-19 Positive Cases.
  8. Twenty (20) Bulk Oxygen Cylinders places at SMHS Hospital alongwith Cylinder Carrier Trolleys for patients of emergency nature.
  9. One hundred Fifty (150) Medium Oxygen Cylinders placed for services of COVID positive cases at Help Poor House.
Help Poor Voluntary Trust